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Ground Transportation

  • When planning your trip to Prescott, you’ll probably want to fly into Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. From there, it’s approximately a 2-hour car, bus or shuttle ride to Prescott.
  • Bus Transportation to/from the airport and local travel in the Prescott/Prescott Valley area is available by contacting Master’s Touch Christian Charter Services.  Contact the Charter Operations Manager at 928-772-5442.  Their office is located in Prescott Valley.
  • Ground Transportation from Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix:                               Arizona Shuttle (1-800-888-2749 or 928-442-1000;  A minimum of 20 daily trips from Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport with drop off at Yavapai College, Prescott campus or at one of the area hotels.

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Hampton Inn- Prescott
3453 Ranch Drive
Prescott  AZ  86303
Tel:  928-443-5500
Fax: 928-443-5505
Teams:  Northeast Champion (Mercer County); Great Lakes Co-Champion (Indian Hills).

Holiday Inn Express-Prescott
3454 Ranch Drive
Prescott  AZ  86303
Tel:  928-445-8900
Fax: 928-778-2629
Teams: Central Champion (St. Louis); West Runner-up (Pima).

Residence Inn-Prescott
3599 Lee Circle
Prescott AZ 86301
Tel:  928-775-2232
Fax: 928-445-0841
Teams: West Champion (Yavapai); South Champion (Tyler).

SpringHill Suites-Prescott
200 East Sheldon Street
Prescott  AZ 86301
Tel:  928-776-0998
Fax: 928-777-2149
Teams: Southeast Champion (Louisburg); Central Runner-up (Illinois Central).

Quality Inn-Prescott                                                                                                            1105 East Sheldon Street
Prescott AZ 86301
Tel:  928-776-1282
Fax: 928-541-1863
Teams:  Northeast Runner-up (Monroe); Great Lake Co-Champion (Waubonsee).

Hampton Inn & Suites-Prescott Valley
2901 North Glassford Hill Road
Prescott Valley  AZ  86314
Tel:  928-772-1800
Fax: 928-772-8473
Teams:  Plains Champion (Kansas City); North Central Champion (Schoolcraft).


Visitor Information

About Prescott

Yavapai College, your host for the 2014 and 2017 NJCAA Men’s Division I National Soccer Tournament, has its main campus in Prescott, a beautiful, idyllic community in the central Arizona highlands that is known as “Everybody’s Hometown.” Many people find something here that reminds them of where they grew up. To many, it’s the historic County Courthouse, tree-lined plaza and surrounding shops in the downtown area. To others, it’s the overall small-town charm and hospitality. People are friendly here, and you’ll notice it no matter where you are in our community. To give you an idea of what a wonderful place Prescott is, here’s a link to a video about the area:

At an altitude of about 5,300 feet, Prescott has an ideal four-season climate, with elevation and mountain breezes moderating summer and early fall temperatures. Humidity is a moderate 45% year-round.

It’s good to be aware of Prescott’s altitude, but most people going about their daily routine won’t notice anything different. The air is just a bit thinner and dryer. A few days before your trip to Prescott, check the weather and pack accordingly. Because Prescott is closer to the sun, it can feel much warmer than the actual temperature during the day, but then become very chilly after sundown, particularly in the fall. It’s best to layer your clothing.

There’s always plenty to do in Prescott. Whether you want to go for outdoor adventures, embark on an area tour, ride horses, visit a casino or play golf, the best things to do in Prescott are at your fingertips. Enjoy Prescott attractions like art galleries and museums and historical sites, entertainment and nightlife on Whiskey Row and beyond and dozens of other Prescott attractions.

The movie “Junior Bonner,” starring Steve McQueen and directed by Sam Peckinpah, was shot in Prescott in 1972. It’s worth renting or streaming before you come to Prescott. It’ll get you ready for visiting the town’s iconic Whiskey Row.

Visitor Tips

When planning your trip to Prescott, you’ll probably want to fly into Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. From there, it’s a 2-hour car or shuttle ride to Prescott. Shuttle services between the Phoenix airport and Prescott include Arizona Shuttle.

Great Lakes Airlines flies into Prescott Municipal Airport from several western cities, and Hertz has a car rental service at the Prescott Airport. Other car rental services in Prescott include Enterprise, Budget and Avis. Taxi services in Prescott include AAA Taxi (928- 708-0800), Prescott Checker CAB (928-445-6386) and Classic Taxi (928-277-4416).

Tourist sites near Prescott

There’s lots to see and do in Prescott, but it’s also close to the Grand Canyon (2.25 hours), Sedona (1.5 hour), Jerome (45 min.), historic Route 66 towns such as Williams (1.25 hour), the Verde Valley wine country (1.5 hour) and Arcosanti (40 min.)—plus the Montezuma Castle and Tuzigoot national monuments, also in the Verde Valley. Plan to stay awhile.

If you have a National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands Pass, be sure to bring it with you. In case you don’t know, it’s a lifetime pass for U.S. citizens or permanent residents, 62 years or older, and it costs only $10. You can use yours to get into the many national parks/monuments in the area for free.

About Yavapai College

Yavapai College opened in 1969 and provides quality higher learning and cultural resources for the diverse populations of Yavapai County. The College has six locations in the County: Prescott (main campus), Clarkdale (the Verde Valley Campus), Prescott Valley, Chino Valley, Sedona, and the Career and Technical Education Center (CTEC).

Yavapai College employs approximately 400 full-time faculty and staff and 1,100 part-time faculty and staff. The College serves more than 15,000 credit and non-credit students per year.

Yavapai College offers dozens of certificate and degree programs, many of which transfer to four-year colleges and universities and/or prepare students for jobs in a range of industries, from agriculture to health care to viticulture.

Yavapai College has its own vineyard and offers the only Viticulture and Ecology two-year degree program and Viticulture certificate program in the southwest United States. The College is creating the Southwest Wine Center as the premier academic center supporting wine growers throughout the southwest United States.

The College’s Career and Technical Education Center (CTEC) is a state-of-the-art facility accommodating such programs as helicopter and fixed-wing piloting, diesel technology, welding, electrical instrumentation and gunsmithing that prepare students for well-paying jobs in a variety of hiring industries.

A Yavapai College/Northern Arizona University (NAU) partnership offers local residents the opportunity to earn a bachelor’s degree from NAU in three years with year-round scheduling at a reduced tuition rate without leaving the area.